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Company Overview

AppXoft is a premier international software development firm specializing in industry-leading Distributed Agile based Dedicated Software Development Teams for the benefit of high-growth IT organizations in North America. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, AppXoft provides software organizations, large and small, access to some of the world's top computer science and software engineering talent from the leading technology center of Eastern Europe: Kharkov, Ukraine. So whether the need is for Mobile App development, Web Apps, Enterprise Apps, Big Data implementations, SaaS Apps or Cloud Computing, AppXoft stands ready to help turn business vision into reality.

  • Distributed Agile

    Optimized software development, managed locally for customer intimacy, located remotely for economic benefits.

  • Mobile Apps

    Custom software development for iPhone/iPad, Android, and other Smartphone and Tablet platforms.

  • Web Apps

    Front-end and Back-end software development for Internet-based applications, from e-commerce to social networking and more.

  • Enterprise Apps

    Strategic business application development, database integration, and migration of new and legacy environments.

  • Big Data

    Applications for multi-Terabyte environments, from digital imaging to massive global social networks and more.

  • SaaS & Cloud

    Third party B2B and B2C user applications and storage solutions for browser or Mobile App based user communities.

  • R&D / POC

    Research and Development and/or Proof of Concept application development, prototyping, and testing.

Press Releases

Nearly 100,000 Ukrainian programmers serve thousands of companies as the demand for IT workforce is constantly growing on the global market.


Distributed Agile Development

We provide Distributed Agile Development services that enable you to integrate the required IT professionals into your business that will be under your full control.

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Our development
centers in eastern

Software Development from
Ukraine means access
to the knowledge and
expertise of over 200,000
advanced IT resources
as a complete turnkey,
on-demand, flexible,
scalable, and cost
effective solution to all
of your software
development needs.

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