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What is “Big Data”?

Big Data is the term used to encompass all the technologies that are required to produce, manage, store, and transport large volumes of data that traditional networking and computer hardware technology normally can’t handle.

When you think of Big Data, think of Google’s server farms indexing everything on the Internet; or all of Facebook’s data on hundreds of millions of users; or every YouTube video in the world.  Think of medical imaging applications that produce many terabytes of data per day, or financial institutions who process billions of transactions per day.  How can all of this information be aggregated, catalogued, managed, and retrieved worldwide in real time?  The answer: Big Data.

Big Data systems have a few key components that are critical to success: 1) a server farm, or hive to hold massive amounts of data; 2) an indexing and management system (Hadoop being one of the most common, or one of its derivatives), and 3) a high-speed networking capability, usually measured in Gigabits per second (Gbps), employing fiber optic systems, and most importantly 4) the software integration of your existing business systems to the Big Data system.

Big Data systems aren’t like a stand-alone product that you can just purchase and use, or a service you can subscribe to.  These systems must be meticulously planned, integrated and implemented with the product and service offerings from multiple technology sources.

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