Extreme Programming at Agile Velocity

Company Overview

AppXoft, LLC was founded in 2012 by Mr. Robert Gelinas (USA) and Mr. Dmitriy Kharchenko (Ukraine), two software development industry veterans, along with two other executive colleagues and two outside investors, for the expressed purpose of implementing a new shared vision for providing premier software development services to cutting-edge IT growth organizations in the United States.

AppXoft’s Mission: “Serving the best with the best.”

Headquartered in Austin, TX – one of the top four software development markets in the US – AppXoft offers the best of the best computer scientists, software engineers, systems architects and technical experts from the “Silicon Valley” of Ukraine, the renowned and historic city of Kharkov.  Kharkov, a city of two million people and growing, boasts of over 60 major scientific institutes and over 30 foremost colleges and universities – recognized as the center of information technology development for all of Eastern Europe.

Fortunately, by virtue of the Information Age, the talent and expertise of Kharkov’s engineers are no longer separated by an ocean from the dynamic businesses world of North America.  IT organizations across the US can now enjoy dedicated Agile/Scrum-based software development teams at a fraction of the cost of recruiting, training, and managing their own internal development teams in the US.

The idea of IT organizations using external software development professional services is nothing new.  It’s been a multibillion dollar industry for decades, primarily dominated by several Tier-1 firms based in India and elsewhere.  However, a common refrain that many businesses have echoed, i.e. who have used such external development resources in the past, has been a lament of disappointment and frustration, if not failure of the exercise entirely with it’s associated loss of time and money.

Unfortunately, there is no single reason why remote development operations sometimes do not work well, but there are several commonly identified pitfalls that must be mitigated in order for remote development operations to be successful – ranging from the issues of language barriers to cultural disconnects, time zone differences, excessive turnover and attrition of resources, etc.  But the truth remains: there is a RIGHT way to enjoy the cost benefits and organizational efficiencies available by using remote development teams, and there is also a WRONG way to do it.  Done right, it can be both an operational cost optimizer as well as a competitive advantage and a means of getting software to market faster.  This is the vision and core value proposition of AppXoft: international software development done right.

Getting it right is function of executing with excellence on three key fronts: 1) Offering a high degree of customer intimacy onshore; 2) Providing a work environment offshore that is irresistible to the best of the best technical talent; and 3) establishing global communications and optimized management processes to tightly integrate the first two.

High customer intimacy means business development, consulting, design, and project management personnel who are local in the US – people who are personally responsible to ensure your success, eye-to-eye and side-by-side, not thousands of miles and a dozen times zones away.

Providing an irresistible work environment in our Ukrainian Development Centers means fostering a growth culture that makes the best engineers in Ukraine see AppXoft as the career destination of choice – which they do, and our resources are commonly drawn from the top software companies across Ukraine.  AppXoft is a company where the best engineers can come to take on the most challenging projects, expand their skills and expertise, grow professionally, and enjoy the career rewards that come as a byproduct of making our clients successful.

To be successful real-time communication is critical.  Face-to-face communication is best.  With high-customer intimacy onshore, there are no language barriers, cultural issues, or time zone problems.  Providing the most desirable work environment for our developers reduces attrition and turnover to near nonexistent rates.  Developing software in the Agile/Scrum model ensures the highest quality software for our clients, which is produced faster and is more adaptable to true market needs, which in turn directly translates into higher user adoption rates and overall customer satisfaction.

That is the definition of “Extreme Programming at Agile Velocity.”