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iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, Android, Windows Mobile – more and more mobile devices are flooding the market every day, hand-held platforms for the thousands upon thousands of Mobile Apps that are revolutionizing the culture.  “There’s an App for that,” is becoming one of the most commonly heard phrases in response for anyone’s expression of need.

Mobile computing, indeed, is the “next big thing.”

Companies are racing to release their customized App to access and highlight their business offerings, to serve their customers, to reach bigger markets, to shift their marketing strategies into micro-targeting, and much more.  But it simply doesn’t make sense for every company who sees a place for themselves in the Mobile App world to suddenly tell their IT infrastructure department: “Hey, we need to hire a Dev team to write us an App!”

Besides, many Mobile Apps only require a team of developers while the primary functionality is created, and then a much smaller number of resources are required down the road to support and maintain it, and perhaps provide new functionality and enhancements.  So it doesn’t make much sense to hire a bunch of people for perhaps a six to twelve month gig, and then lay most of them off.

I does make a lot of sense to call AppXoft.

AppXoft can make Mobile App developers available in any quantity, for any platform, with any operating environment – whether that be Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, Microsoft Windows Mobile, or any other.  Your functional design becomes a product, goes into the appropriate App Stores, and you’re doing business in the Mobile world.

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