Extreme Programming at Agile Velocity


  • Distributed Agile

    Distributed Agile

    Optimized software development, managed locally for customer intimacy, located remotely for economic benefits.

  • Mobile Apps

    Mobile Apps

    Custom software development for iPhone/iPad, Android, and other Smartphone and Tablet platforms.

  • Web Apps

    Web Services

    Front-end and Back-end software development for Internet-based applications, from e-commerce to social networking and more.

  • Enterprise Apps

    Enterprise Apps

    Strategic business application development, database integration, and migration of new and legacy environments.

  • Big Data

    Big Data

    Applications for multi-Terabyte environments, from digital imaging to massive global social networks and more.

  • SaaS & Cloud

    SaaS & Cloud

    Third party B2B and B2C user applications and storage solutions for browser or Mobile App based user communities.

  • R&D / POC

    R&D / POC

    Research and Development and/or Proof of Concept application development, prototyping, and testing.