Extreme Programming at Agile Velocity


We now live in an Internet-driven world.  We get our news online.  We shop online.  We are entertained online.  We can be educated online.  We do our banking and stock-trading online.  We can research information online from the most current medical advice to finding a good lawyer or dentist.  We can meet people and socially interact online.  The geographic world has been mapped online and we use it to navigate to anywhere we want to go, inclusive of concierge services to guide us to the best restaurants or local attractions.

The digital world in which we all now live is powered by Web Apps.

Web Apps have evolved long past the days of static websites (the “electronic brochure”), forums and blogs, past simple e-commerce transactions and shopping carts, email, instant messaging, and Voice Over IP (VOIP).  Today it has become the primary engines of producing critical Business Intelligence and Data Mining, managing vast elements of key infrastructure and the very pillars of society and culture, and is on the doorstep of facilitating the reality of “Big Data,” where vast volumes of information truly reach astronomical proportions, but can be accessed and used in real-time.

Many of the most sophisticated web-based applications of today are functions of very complex algorithms, behavioral science, user experience refinement, and nothing short of breakthroughs of imagination.

At AppXoft, we love these type of development challenges.

Most people are not aware that Ukraine was once the technological vortex of the former Soviet Union.  Ukraine was literally where all the Soviet “rocket scientists” lived and worked.  Today Ukraine’s technical universities still produce in excess of 33,000 new computer scientist every year – most of whom receive advanced training in higher mathematics, algorithmic development, and complex systems.  After the end of the Soviet Union period and the end of The Cold War, a great “peace dividend” was realized for the benefit of the rest of the world.  And this is the pool of great talent that AppXoft now brings to the table to address your web-based computing needs.

From business case, to solution concept, to architecture and design, to full development and implementation, AppXoft stands ready to partner with you to turn your vision into reality.

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